TechJamin Extended Warranty Certified by TechJamin Experts
TechJamin Extended Warranty is a prolonged one-year warranty in addition to the standard device warranty. Warranty coverage will be according to manufacturer warranty standard. The Service provided by TechJamin technicians who are trained to professionally repair all smarts devices.
Things Happens
No worries, TechJamin has you covered with our all-in solution for safeguarding your smart devices. Stay peace of mind with TechJamin extended warranty from your devices standard warranty up to 2 years, with insurance for accidental and liquids damages. When Things happens our skilled TechJamin experts will get you smart devices back on track.
What TechJamin Covered
Exclusive Services

Pick up & delivery

Damaged device pickup to repair and deliver back to you arrange by TechJamin

Customer Service

Our professional customer service always standby to support you.

Free Protective Film Replacement.

FOC screen protective film on us along with screen repair service.


Screen Cracked

Screen Replacement

Accidental Damage

Accidental Physical Damage coverage

Water Damage

Damages cause by water or liquids caverage


Replacement unit when the damage unit is beyond repair.

Extended Warranty

Extend up to 2 years warranty of your new purchases smart device.

TechJamin Care Plans
How to Buy
You can buy TechJamin with your new smart device within 30 days of your purchase. Just follow below steps.
How to Claim Your Benefits When Damage Happens
How to Find Your IMEI
To get covered by TechJamin or submit to claim your benefits, you’ll need your 15-digit IMEI number ready. Here’s how to find it.

Dial *#06# from your phone. Your IMEI number will appear on your screen.

Go to Settings, "About phone", “Detailed info and specs”, “Status” Look for your IMEI number on the screen.

Your device may come with a sticker with IMEI, serial number and model number printed on the back of your phone or tablet.

Contact Us
Get in touch with us by calling TechJamin Service Hotline:
or online chat with our customer service.
Frequently Asked Questions
The advantages of TechJamin coverage include: • Fixing accidental and liquid damage, while the extended warranty takes care of mechanical and electrical defects that arise after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. • Getting a replacement device if your damage device can’t be repaired. • Free on-site pickup and delivery for your damaged device.
Getting covered is easy. You can buy TechJamin with your new smart device within 30 days of your purchase. • Visit
To learn more about your device protection coverage and scope of services, you may refer to the certificate of insurance and terms of service in your confirmation of cover. For assistance, please email our customer service at or call 03 7859 9995.
For assistance, you can email our customer service at or call 03 7859 9995.
You can email our customer service at or call 03 7859 9995 for assistance.
Your TechJamin will be expired at the end of the plan term as stated in your certificate of covers.
• Your insured phone’s IMEI number has been removed or altered. • Your insured phone has been repaired by a service center that is not a TechJamin Authorized Service Center. • You have exhausted the maximum claim limit.
Please go thru the full terms and conditions before purchasing. Some of the key exclusions to our coverage are : • Wear-and-tear from daily use • Replacement / support for any data stored in the device • Damage arising from unauthorized software / virus and software faults • Failure of device to operate due to network infrastructure or subscription service issues